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Premium Yerba Mate. 15 bags with 1,5g.

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El combo incluye 4 cajitas de Mate Bags Black: 100% Yerba Mate Premium. Sumate a la Revolución del Mate Cocido! Cada cajita contiene 15 saquitos de 1,5 gr. cada una.

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Get to try all of them or stock your favorite one! Blends: Mate, Chai Mate, Early Green y Tropical Mate. Join the Mate Cocido Revolution!

1,81 US$

Premium Yerba Mate + Ginger + Spices + Cinnamon + Cayenne Pepper. 15 bags with 1,5g.

1,81 US$

Premium Yerba Mate + Bergamot + Black Tea + Lemon. 15 bags with 1,5g.

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Mate & Co. gift box. Set your cart with the products you like the most and add this box to give away the perfect gift!

1,81 US$

Premium Yerba Mate + Green Tea + Coconut + Pineapple. 15 bags with 1,5g.