Our Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate properties

Our Yerba Mate

We designed a special grinding with large leaves, no stems and leaf powder, naturally aged for 18 months (without using chambers), which gives it a more consistent, long-lasting and intense flavour!

Our Yerba Mate is organic, because from the moment it is planted up to its processing it is not exposed to insecticides, pesticides or agrochemicals.

We carefully supervise each one of these processes and follow the values of sustainable agriculture. We are proud to choose small producers from Obera, Misiones province, Argentina, to grow our Yerba Mate, making it an artisanal and national process.

Our blends

100% natural, they do not contain any type of artificial flavouring or essence.

Each Blend has a personality and a unique sensory criterion carefully developed by sommeliers specialized in Yerba Mate.

They perfectly combine herbs, flowers, spices, and fruits with Yerba Mate, creating one-of-a-kind flavours.