Mate Toppings Combo

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Try all of our Mate Toppings with this super gift combo!

Orange Blossom + Green Tea + Chamomile. Net content: 25g.
Red Love
Hibiscus + Goji Berries + Rosehip + Blueberries + Red Tea + Rose Petals. Net content: 45g.
Sweet Lemon
Lemongrass + Lemon + Muscovado Sugar. Net content: 30g
Yerba Orgánica
Sweet Lemon

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Vanilla Chai
Vanilla + Cinnamon + Cloves + Ginger Cubes and Powder + Rose and Black Pepper. Net content: 60g.
Ginger Mint
Ginger + Mint. Net content: 40g.
Grated Coconut + Coconut Flakes + Cocoa Husk + Star Anise. Net content: 55g.

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